Why Buy from Us?

One-of-a-kind, unique handmade dresses.

We at POSH AFFAIRES believe that every woman is unique. Thus, we make limited one-of-a-kind dresses so that you do not need to dress like everyone else.

We design dresses that you could wear for many years to come and yet still looking beautiful, timeless and elegant. Every dress is thoughtfully made that you would be proud to show it off many times to many occasions.



Quality materials, selected with care, handmade with LOVE.

We hand-select quality materials that we can be proud of. All materials, especially fabrics are selected with beauty and longevity in mind.

Fabric scraps from the dresses we made are turn into other beautiful crafts, namely patchwork blankets, fabric face masks and hair accessories and many more.

We strife to not throw away fabric scraps as one of our efforts to work towards zero waste fashion in order to honor our beautiful planet.