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What is POSH AFFAIRES All About?

Have you ever encountered the following online shopping experience?

You went to an online shop to buy a dress for work. You look through all the dresses and you could hardly find one that is suitable. Finally, you found a dress that has perfect design, perfect neckline but just way too short to be appropriate for work. So, you keep searching and found another dress, the length is perfect, the neckline looks good but it is bare back. And you did not give up, you keep on searching and found one that fits all the criteria, midi length dress with sleeve and modest neckline. You bought the dress.

When you receive it, you did not really like it, it is just not up to your expectation. So, you contacted the seller and inform him/her that you would like to return the dress for a refund. The seller said that he/she cannot refund the dress, he/she only allow you to exchange it with another dress from their website.

You were very optimistic, so you sent back the dress. Once the seller received the dress you were sent a link where you could find another dress to exchange for the returned dress.

To your surprise, you are only allowed to exchange the dress with the discounted items on the website. In your frustrations, you chose a dress, it is perfect in every sense but a casual dress that is not suitable for work. The conclusion is: the struggle of finding a perfect work dress online is REAL.

 If the above experience never happens to you, you are very lucky but have you ever asked yourself the following questions when you shop for your work dresses online?

  • Which website specifically sell work dresses?
  • Will the dresses be long enough to be appropriate for work?
  • Will I be able to find dresses with sleeve?
  • Are the dresses comfortable, even in hot and humid weather?
  • Will those dresses last for years and will not go out of style?
  • Are the dresses exclusive, will I run into someone wearing the same dress?
  • How much will the shipping fees be?
  • How can I return them if I don’t like them?
  • Will the seller provide a refund if I return the dress?
  • Will I have to pay for the shipping fees if I am to return the dress?

 If you had encountered the same online shopping experience or answer YES to 1 or more of the above questions, you are at the right place!

Hello, I am Delima Andrew and I am pleased to meet you.

I am the founder of poshaffaires.com, a fashion designer and a dress maker.

I personally love dresses. If you are like me, you would agree that nothing could make a woman feel more feminine and beautiful than wearing her favourite dress. Look at Kate Middleton for example, she is always looking impeccable in her dresses (knee length or midi length dresses that are absolutely beautiful yet very modest and appropriate for work and formal occasions).

When I was working in my previous company, I always struggle to find the right dresses to wear to work. Either they are too short (I am only 163 cm or 5’4 tall by the way), too fancy, too revealing or just too boring for my liking. Looking for the right dresses was a very frustrating experience.

In order to avoid such frustration, I started to learn making my own dresses. It was a long and difficult process with lots of labor. To cut the story short, in the end it was completely worth the effort. That wonderful experience of finally getting to wear the right dress for work leads me to create a collection of dresses for working women like you.

I am dedicated to designing and making work dresses for ordinary women so that they could feel absolutely beautiful, elegant and full of confident at work and at the same time feeling completely comfortable and modest.

Today I spend most of my time designing and making dresses in my home in Kota Samarahan.


So, What is Posh Affaires All About?

I created this website because I noticed that there is a need - everyday many women are trying to search for a website that sell work dresses that meet their working needs. At poshaffaires.com, we offer you the best you could ask for in a dress:

  • You will get dresses that are suitable for work – the right length, modest neckline and professional looking.
  • Our dresses are designed to be timeless, meaning you can wear them for years to come and still looking up to date.
  • You will get beautiful one of a kind designs that you could not find anywhere else. We design and make our own dresses. Oh, by the way they are in limited quantity (unlike other brands that make hundreds or thousands of the same dresses). Thus, the likelihood of you bumping into someone else that wear the same dress is slim to none.
  • You will get dresses with beautiful sleeves (to cover up your arms, not everyone has lean toned arms, you know what I mean).
  • Except for a few designs, almost all of our dress lining is made of cotton voile (100% cotton). This will give you total comfort, even in hot and humid weather. In the near future we will only use cotton voile as lining).
  • Our shipping and return & exchange policies are straight forward – Free shipping, free return, no question asked (for further details refer to our Shipping Policy and Return and Exchange Policy).

So, always remember poshaffaires.com when you want to purchase work dresses online.

And if you have any suggestions on what kind of work dresses or work outfits we should be making, please email us at info@poshaffaires.com. We will consider your suggestions and incorporate them into our future designs. Your opinion matters a lot to us!

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And that’s about it. Thank you for stopping by and I sincerely hope that you could find the work dresses that you always wanted here at poshaffaires.com and proud to show them off at work.



Delima Andrew

Founder, fashion designer, dressmaker